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Developed especially for festivals, festivee equips you to deliver media to virtually any internet-connected device in the world.

Stream films, trailers, seminars, panels - whatever you want, for as long as you want - all from your website and your mobile app!


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festivee features

Deliver everything! Features, shorts, panels, key-notes and Q&A's digitally. You'll no longer be limited by venue constraints. Hard core cine-files will screen what they missed during the festival and re-watch their favorites.

Accessibility may limit real time attendance, but festivee makes it easy for foreign language readers, hearing impaired, and others to screen your content. festivee allows unlimited numbers of subtitles per title.

Local, national, even international advertisers will place with you as your audience and reach expand. Sell banners or video ads directly or use advertising placement services such as Google™ AdSense.

Your festival's social buzz will peak just as the brick and mortar event ends. With festivee, social sharing is organic, effective, and with time to percolate holds potential to garner a viral following.

Not everyone has the time and means to attend. With festivee, everyone, including cast & crew, critics, distributors, even friends & family can participate while contributing to your festival's bottom line.

Send reminders. Exclusive offers. Discounts. festivee analytics will help you to tailor notifications based on real time information and enhance the experience for both traditional and virtual attendees.

Encourage digital participation by delivering production notes and bonus materials on your app. Online bundles and discounts will further increase the appeal. Your sponsors will get more exposure and everyone wins.

Manage, update, & maintain your lineup, content availability, pricing, bundles, discounts and accessibility. Cater and adjust to your audience, filmmakers, and sponsors to optimize everyone's experience.

Offer post-event command performance digital screenings for sold-out events. Offer content that’s not available anywhere else. Press releases and award announcements can include links to screening rooms.

Deliver your content to your customers via your website and your mobile app on your terms. festivee is the only turn-key festival platform that can equip you to deliver this unique and comprehensive feature set.

Everyone who engages digitally with your content will add to your mailing list and equip you to customize your communications. And you'll have the demographic and behavioral data to put together irresistible media kits.

New sponsorship opportunities abound with festivee. Seek App sponsors, Virtual Venue Sponsors, Genre Sponsors, and more – all absent of the traditional constraints of limited venues, attendees, and impressions.

festivee experience

Festival mobile app

your festival's mobile app

Watch trailers, screen content, get directions, join the buzz, find a brew, get reminders, and share it all.

Your mobile app is customizable and released as a stand alone app for your festival.

Festival web lineup

festival lineup

Peruse titles, watch trailers, make a plan, buy passes, and share it all.

Your festival lineup is entirely customizable and integrated with your website.

Festival web screening room

screening room

Screen media, bonus content, and share.

Your screening room is entirely customizable and integrated with your website.

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The CineveeTM platform equips content providers to deliver streaming or downloadable media to virtually any internet connected device in the world.

festiveeTM is a CineveeTM solution that is specifically tailored to include features that are unique to festival audiences and sponsors.

Visit to learn more about how you can deliver streaming or downloadable media direct to your customers from your website or app.

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